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Fact Sheets

Drinking Underage Maims the Brain — Fact Sheet from an American Medical Association Report on Alcohol's Adverse Effects on the Brains of Children, Adolescents and College Students (pdf)

Spring Break  (html)

Alcohol Outlet Density  (html)
Minimum Legal Drinking Age: Facts & Fallacies (pdf)

Top 10  Warning Signs that Your Child's Campus Community May be Contributing to Binge Drinking (html)
Top 10 Things to Discuss With Your College Student Before Spring Break (html)
Top 10 Things Parents Can Do — Released with Underage Drinkers at Higher Risk of Brain damage than Adults, AMA Challenges Network and Cable TV to stop Airing Alcohol Ads to Youth — includes direct email links to TV executives — (html)
Table of Prevention Strategies (html)


Statistics — Environmental Correlates of Underage Alcohol Use and Related Problems of College Students,” by H. Wechsler et al., “American Journal of Preventive Medicine,”  (html)

Statistics Supporting Keg Registration (html)
  Papers and Longer Documents

Policy Briefing Papers

Partner or Foe? The Alcohol Industry, Youth Alcohol Problems, and Alcohol Policy Strategies (pdf file)

The Perils of Preemption (pdf file)



What Parents Can Do to Reduce Underage Drinking — from Missouri's Youth/Adult Alliance RUDC program (html)

2002 Youth Assembly — Youth in Action, article with photos and quotes from Exchange, Creating Solutions by Changing Environments (html)

Background Information on AMOD program (html)