"Media advocacy tells the story from the advocate's perspective. It focuses the spotlight of media attention on public health policy issues. Its concern with social justice, participation, and empowerment sets it apart from other media strategies." —— Lawrence Wallack, Dr. P.H.D.

"If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own." — Scoop Nisker, KFOG Radio News Commentator

me·di·a ad·vo·ca·cy n. The strategic use of the news media to advance policy goals.

Contact your local Media Outlets Today!!! Use our database of media oulets to find the contact information for your local newspapers, radio and televisions stations. Then, write them letters, emails and call them to advocate your point and to get press attention. Make tomorrow's news today!!!

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Media Advocacy Tool Kit: Creating opportunities around the release of the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council national report on underage drinking.
Background Information on Media Advocacy: Explanation, guidelines, checklists, definitions and samples.
Spokesperson Guidelines: Useful tips for working with reporters and keeping on your issue track.
Expanding Newsmaking: Broadcast event forms, qualities reporters look for, how to improve access.
How to Analyze and Improve Your Media Coverage