Brief Overview of RUDC and AMOD

Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions is embracing a new approach that focuses instead on how the social environment encourages—even enables—alcohol abuse among young people.
Through this initiative, 12 coalitions of youth, business, civic organizations, government agencies, the religious community and other leaders will identify those factors in the environment that contribute most to underage drinking in their communities and work together to create positive change.

See Grant Results Report: Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions.

A Matter of Degree: The National Effort to Reduce High-Risk Drinking Among College Students is a multi-year program designed to foster collaboration between participating universities and the communities in which they are located to address this important public health issue and improve the quality of life for all community residents.
Rather than blame students for their behavior or try to persuade them to stop drinking, participants in A Matter of Degree are identifying the environmental factors such as alcohol advertising and marketing, institutional policies and practices, local ordinances—even social and cultural beliefs and behaviors—that converge to encourage alcohol abuse, and work together to create positive changes.

United States map depicting RUDC and AMOD programs with links to individual web sites of coalitions. Text links to all RUDC and AMOD coalition web sites are also included on this page.