US Map with links to web sites of individual RUDC and AMOD coalitions.
Please Note: All links will open in a new window. RUDC coalitions are represented by the color red. AMOD coalitons are represented by blue squares. If a state has both a RUDC and an AMOD coalition, you will need to be in the red area for the RUDC coalition link and directly on the blue square for the AMOD coalition link. Text links to these coalition web sites are also included below the map. Puerto Rico coalition web site is temporarily down.

AMOD Wisconsin AMOD Vermont AMOD Nebraska AMOD Iowa AMOD Delaware AMOD Colorado AMOD Louisiana AMOD Pennsylvania AMOD Georgia AMOD Florida RUDC Texas RUDC Puerto Rico RUDC Pennsylavania RUDC Oregon RUDC North Carolina RUDC Washington D.C. RUDC Missouri RUDC Minnesota RUDC Louisiana RUDC Indiana RUDC Georgia RUDC Connecticut

 RUDC coalition web site links
AMOD coalition web site links