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About Us

This website is dedicated to promoting physician and community action on alcohol and health. We envision a world where underage alcohol use will be eliminated, and all people will be protected from the negative consequences of alcohol consumption, promotion and distribution.

Our mission is to promote public and patient health by encouraging
physicians and physician organizations to:

  • Provide valid, scientific information and education about the consequences of alcohol consumption on public and individual health, the family, and society.
  • Apply science, best medical practices, professional standards, and AMA policy to enable patients to reduce or avoid the personal and familial negative impacts of alcohol use.
  • Promote and advocate for science-based policies, environmental solutions, and preventive strategies to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol consumption on the community and on society.
  • Advocate for the rights of all children, adolescents, young adults and all people who do not, or for health or other reasons cannot, consume alcohol to be safeguarded from pressure to drink and supported in their non-drinking behavior.

This site is for health professionals and others who want to fight alcohol problems, especially underage drinking, by changing clinical practice and the social environment.