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Spokespeople Bios

Richard Waibel
Chairman of Building Responsibility Campus/Community Coalition
University of Delaware
  • "Our intent is not to be critical, but to be proactive in making a change in our community. We're not against partying — we're not prohibitionists. (The Building Responsibility Coalition) . . is against loud drunken college students disturbing the peace, urinating on lawns and damaging property." — The Review, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, September 7, 2001
  • "The secondary effects of high-risk drinking flow into the neighborhoods and out onto local roadways with tragic results." — The Newark Post, Newark, Delaware, October 5, 2001
  • "The current costs to the community — in terms of law enforcement, deterioration of property values, economic influence on other retail businesses, reduction in the quality of life in neighborhoods, vandalism, personal injury, crime and other violence, not to mention quality of life—are substantial, and they are generally hidden from the public." — The Newark Post, Newark, Delaware, October 5, 2001
  • "It is time for the City of Newark to take bold actions to reverse the trend toward more alcohol-related establishments that would be allowed to discount the price of alcohol."  — The Newark Post, Newark, Delaware, May 7, 2001