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Media Kits

What the Alcohol Industry Doesn't Want you to Know

"The Institute of Medicine and National Research Council have released a landmark study, "Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility."  The American Medical Association's Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Use has developed a tool kit to assist local coalitions and advocates in taking the study's recommendations and advancing local and state policy and prevention initiatives."
Tool Kit:  Creating opportunities around the release of the IOM/NRC national report on underage drinking
  • Fact Sheet - For distribution to media, elected officials and any external audience (pdf file)
  • Swiss Cheese Letter to the Editor (Word file)
  • Swiss Cheese News Release (Word file)
  • Ad Layout Copy - Use copy and have someone else design. Insert Coalition logo. Pdf files:  small and  large 
  • Suggested Activities - (pdf file)
IOM Report &  Responses (pdf files)