Suggested Exercise for Media Activity Planning: Focus and answer the following 8 questions:

Issue Analysis & Prevention Goals
What is the problem or concern? What causes or contributes to it? How is it impacting your community? What has been done in the past to address it? What interventions or solutions will address the problem?
Overall Strategy
What is the best way to achieve positive change? What mix of education, social norms change, community change and policy change is desirable? How can the mass media be used to advance your overall strategy?
Message Content
What is your message/story in terms of problem, impact, solution and who cares?
Target Audience
Whom do you want to reach with your mass media message? When and how do you want to reach this audience? Who can best deliver the message? Be specific. What is your reason?
News Media Opportunity and Options
What media outlets would be interested in your message/story? Which outlets would appropriate to approach? What kind of print or broadcast pieces do you want to achieve?
What do you want your audience to understand and do after they hear or see your message/story? What community norm/policy change do you want your message to move things toward?
What stands in the way of your audience/the community responding the way you want?
Identify at least one benefit your audience/the community will get if your message is favorably received and desired change occurs.