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Alcohol Industry 101

Policy Options
This primer is an overview of the alcohol industry, its influential role in normalizing drinking and its opposition to prevention policies and programs it perceives as threats to its bottom line.

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Parnter or Foe Briefing Paper

Partner or Foe? The Alcohol Industry, Youth Alcohol Problems, and Alcohol Policy Strategies (Policy Options)
This briefing paper offers a guide to public health professionals and activists for understanding and responding to the alcohol industry's public awareness and education initiatives. It provides a description of the industry's structure and market; a review of the industry's marketing strategies; an introduction to the environmental approach to prevention; an analysis of industry awareness and education programs, and recommendations for negotiating with and responding to industry prevention initiatives.

The Perils of Preemption Briefing Paper

The Perils of Preemption (Policy Options)
State preemption has become a critical issue for the alcohol policy field. Community activists across the country have successfully encouraged local policy makers to enact ordinances that restrict various problematic alcohol marketing practices. Local governments have restricted alcohol billboards; limited the number, location, and type of alcohol outlets; imposed fees on local retailers to fund public nuisance abatement activities; and increased local alcohol taxes, among other strategies to address alcohol problems at the community level.